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Train With Us

Do you have what it takes to be an instructor?

We have what it takes to train you to be the best intructor you can be.

If you train with us you will benefit from:

  • Expert training from experienced trainers

  • 1-2-1 Training

  • Training materials for all 3 parts

  • Continual progress tracking

  • On Hand support


The qualification process is in 3 parts:


Part 1 - Theory Test

This part can be taken as many times as needed. We will provide you with the training materials and support to ensure that you pass first time. Our online training resource will enable you to study and practice anywhere you like.


Part 2 - Driving Ability Test

This will test your driving ability. We will train you and brush up any bad habits you may have picked up over the years. The training you receive will be 1-2-1.


Part 3 - Instructional Ability Test

For most people this is the hardest part of the qualification process. We will dedicate most your training to make sure you have a good understanding of what it takes to be a great instructor and be successful in the test.



At GoZondo we believe in clear pricing. Our offers are simple and straight forward. We don't claim to be the cheapest and that is because we believe in the quality of our training.  There are packages to suit every budget.

Training Packages

Option 1



Ideal if you would like us to handle all your training needs for all 3 parts. Total of 50 HOURS of Training.

Option 2

Pay Monthly

If you would like a more flexible method of paying for your training then this is the option for you.

6 x £250 = Total Payable £1500

Option 3




You can pay for 10 hour blocks to be used on any Part of the training.

10 hours = £320

Option 4

P.A.Y.G £35/Hour

If You would like to Pay As You Go then this is the option for you.