Are you just starting out on your driving journey? Choosing us to do your driving is a great start. There are several reasons why learning to drive with us is a good move:


  • Great deals to get you started

  • Calm learning environment

  • Very patient instructor

  • Quiet roads to begin with

  • Drive on your first lesson














We get you started in a nice quiet area so you can get familiar with the controls of the car. Once you are more comfortable we then move on to other roads. Everybody learns at different paces so we tailor our tuition depending on the learner’s needs.


If you haven’t already done so, it may be time to start thinking about doing your theory test. Our lessons are so effective that often learners find themselves ready to take the practical test quicker than they expected. This is why we recommend taking the theory test early on so that you can focus on the practical test. Our instructors will give you theory test training if that is needed.

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