We offer Manual Driving lessons in NW London


If you have never driven before, we offer great deals to get you started.


Where will you meet the instructor?

Once you have selected what deal you want, your instructor will make contact with you to arrange a pick you up point that is convenient for you and agreed by both you and the instructor.

Where will I drive?

You will learn at a pace that is suitable for you. Unless you choose not to, we always aim to get you driving from the first lesson so that you can maximise your lesson time.

For the first lesson the instructor will usually drive you to a quite area so that you can get used to the car without having to worry about dealing with too many road users.

How long will the lesson be?

Depending on what deal you choose and your availability, the lessons can range from 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours in length.

Experienced learners

If you have already taken some driving lessons but have not yet taken your test, we may be able to take you to the next stage and help you obtain your licence. 

I can drive I just want to take my test

If you feel that you are ready for your test and you would like us to help you, we will have to do an assessment lesson first to see if you are ready.