Frequently asked questions

Do you teach automatic?
No. At the moment we only do manual lessons.

What areas do you cover?
NW2, NW10, NW6 and NW9 

Will you meet me halfway if I live outside of those areas? 
Unfortunately no, due to the time it will take we are unable to do that.

How much do you charge?
£38 per hour. Each lesson is 1.5 hours which costs £57 or 2 hours which costs £76

Can I do a mock test with you?
Yes you can. But we will have to meet in one of the postcodes mentioned above or near one of the local test centres. ( Hendon or Mill Hill )

How much does a mock test cost?

What is included in the mock test?
2 hours ( A few minutes of practice to get used to the car. 40 minutes mock test. Feedback at the end. )

Do I have to pay first?
Yes, in order for a lesson to be confirmed, you will have to pay first. 

I want to do a mock test for YouTube, will I be charged for this?
No, mock tests that include us filming your face are free of charge. 

How can I prepare for my theory test?
By downloading Theory Test Hero UK 

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