96 Horsenden Lane North



Greenford test centre is situated on a small 20mph residential road. A lot of learners here start from Robin Hood way which is directly opposite the test centre. Getting started at this test centre is relatively simple as Horsenden Lane is quiet. Turning out of Robin Hood Way can be a challenge as there are often cars parked that obstruct your view as you try to emerge. The terrain around this test centre is very hilly. You must be confident with Hill starts if you want to pass.


After moving off, if you are asked to turn left you will go through a country road which is quite narrow. At the end of this country road there are two width restrictions. The first needs extra care when going through as it is uphill and your view may be slightly obscured. Tricky width restrictions are spread around the Greenford test area. The advice for going through width restrictions is:


•  Slow speed is essential so gear one is a must

•  Line the car up in good time

•  Don't go through at an angle

•  Look both left and right continuously as you go through to ensure your car is centred

•  Don't make any big turns as you go through

•  You can fold your mirrors if necessary ( make sure to unfold them before driving on)


There is a section of dual carriageway you may be taken on. Most of the time it will be from Perivale going towards Oxford on the A40 which forms part of the independent driving. This section often involves some lane changes.


There are a few roundabouts around this test centre varying from mini roundabouts through to large 4 lane roundabouts which should definitely be practiced on before the test.