Aerodrome Rd,

Tel 0208 203 0552


Situated in a newly built residential estate and a few minutes from Mill Hill Test centre. This test centre shares a lot of the routes with Mill Hill Test centre.



Coming out of the car park is relatively easy. Just be careful not to roll back as you move off if you have parked in one of the bays that slope backwards. Leaners often neglect to look left as they come out of the car park and into the first road on the residential estate.

You will also want to take care not to go onto the wrong side of the road as you come out of the car park. You will be surprised how many people fail their driving test by doing this.


Getting to the main road involves a long and low drive through the residential estate. A 10mph speed limit is in place reinforced by very harsh speed bumps that force you go really slowly. It is a good thing that you are forced to go slow as there are a lot of pedestrians walking in that estate. Some sections seem to be areas that are shared by both pedestrians and cars so take extra care here.

Once you come out of Beaufort Park you will be onto the main roads. If the roads are clear remember that you are now on the main road and need to drive at the appropriate speed. Often learners will drive too slow to begin with because they are still in the 10mph mindset. At the time of writing this, the speed limits on the roads surrounding the estate are 30mph so get up to speed if the road is clear.



Most of the routes are pretty straight forward. Of course there are going to be some bits that are harder than others. Like on one particular route, on the dual carriageway section of the test, you may be asked to turn right at the next traffic lights which are  to  bout 600 yards away. To do this properly you will have to change from the left lane into the far right within a short distance in order for you to turn right at the next traffic lights. This is something that requires practice and we ensure that our learners have sufficient practice and tuition to enable them to carry out any manoeuvre asked of them.