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October 7, 2018

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North-West London

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Mill Hill Test Centre

Unit 9,

Granard Business Centre

Bunns Lane

Mill Hill

Greater London

NW7 2DQ.


Mill Hill Test Centre is situated in between a few major roads. With the A1, M1 and A41 close by, this test centre provides challenging and varied driving test routes. Typical features of the test routes may include residential roads, dual carriageways and narrow country roads. You may be taken on roads that vary in speeds from 30mph, 40mph and 50mph.












Coming out of the car park is a challenge within itself. You have to drive through a car park that is shared by other businesses before you can get to the road. This can be made difficult sometimes by badly parked or long cars sticking out into the lane. Learners sometimes fail here for getting too close to the parked cars. This will be marked on the test sheet as Clearance.


Once you have managed to get through the car park, the next obstacle is exiting the car park to get onto the main road. It is quite a narrow exit and learners sometimes fail for positioning their car too far to the right and potentially blocking vehicles that are trying to get into the car park from the main road.


Turning right out the car park is going to be more challenging than turning left as you sometimes have to contend with cars coming from left and right with another side road which may have traffic coming towards you. Once you have decided to go, take care to ensure that there are no cars coming towards you that have just joined the road from the side road on your left. Once you have made your way out of the car park you may still be feeling the nerves. Don't worry you will soon settle into the test.












A question that many learners ask is:


Am I going to definitely drive on the dual carriageway during my driving test?


The answer is no not definitely. It all depends if there is a dual carriageway around the test centre and also if the chosen test route involves a dual carriageway. We structure our lessons so that our learners are fully confident about driving on the dual carriageway. So with the right approach, it shouldn't really worry you whether you go on the dual carriageway or not during your driving test.


If you go on the dual carriageway in from Mill Hill Test centre then it is likely that you will go through Apex Corner roundabout, Mill Hill circus and or Stirling Corner. Some of the entrances to these roundabouts are controlled by lights and have multiple lanes. We recommend that you practice these roundabouts before going for your test.