Choosing the right driving school to teach your child to drive can be a difficult decision. As a parent you will want to be sure that the person instructing them can be trusted to do so safely and in an environment that is productive and value for money. At the very least the instructor should be:


  • Approved by the DSA

  • DBS Checked (previously CRB)

  • Have a Badge that shows they are Approved ( Green for a fully qualified instructor and Pink for a trainee)


We understand that it is a big step in life to be driving on the road. Parents are always welcome to sit in on some of the lessons just to reassure themselves and give the learner a chance to show off what they have learnt.


Here are a few reasons why Zondo Driving School is a good choice:


  • We are Approved by the DSA

  • DBS checked

  • Non smoking

  • Clean car

  • Dual Controls for added safety

  • Regular progress reports

  • We won’t pick anyone else up during your lesson

  • Parents welcome to sit in on some lessons and see their children’s progress

  • High first time pass rate

  • Relaxed learning environment


We recommend that the learner gets private practice. If you think you have the patience, Click here to see our guide for parents supervising a learner.