Practical Driving Test

In order for you to book your driving test; you must first have your provisional licence and also have passed your theory test.Your driving test can be taken at various test centres across the country.

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Once you have booked your practical driving test or know where you would like to do it, we will drive around the test area to make sure you are well practiced  on some of the trickier parts of the test routes.


As of 4th December 2017, the UK Driving Test had the following changes:

  • Left reverse removed

  • Turn in the road removed

  • Driving forward into a bay and reversing added

  • Pulling up on the right and reversing added

  • 4 out of 5 tests will have 20mins of independent driving with a Sat Nav

  • New Show me tell questions which will be done as you are driving

The driving test lasts between 38 and 40 minutes and consists of these main parts:


The examiner will ask you to undertake an eyesight check. You will be require to read a car number plate from around 20 metres away. If you wear glasses don't forget to bring them. Failing this part means you will not be able to continue with the test.


During the test, the examiner will ask you to perform one of the four manoeuvres you’ve been practising;


  • Driving forward into a parking bay and reversing back out.

  • Parallel parking

  • Pulling over on the right and reversing

  • Reverse bay park


You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop. The examiner will also give you directions of a route planned for the test. For the independent drive section of the test, you may get a set of directions or be asked to follow signs to a particular place. Learners  are often worried about this section but it is proberly one of the easier parts of the test.


Here is what to remember about the independent drive:


  • You can ask the examiner to confirm which way you are supposed to go ( This goes for following Sat Nav as well. )

  • Ask in plenty of time so the examiner has time to answer you safely

  • If you miss a turn that you were supposed to take, do not try to turn last minute, keep going and the examiner will re-direct you. You will not get driving faults or fail the test for missing a turn ( This goes for following Sat Nav as well. )


The examiner will let you know when the independent drive is finished. Remain focused all the way to the end of the test until the examiner tells you that the test is finished.


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