New driving test

As of 4th December 2017, the new driving test will be in effect. Here are some of the things you need to know about the changes.

  1. Manoeuvres

  2. Use of Sat Nav

  3. Show Me Tell Me Questions

In the old test, you would have been asked to complete one of the following reverse exercises:

  • Turn in the road

  • Bay park

  • Parallel park

  • Left reverse

In the new test the manoeuvres will be:

  • Bay park

  • Parallel park

  • Pulling up on the right and reversing

  • Driving forward into a parking bay and revering back out

As you can see from above, the turn in the road and left reverse have been removed from the test and replaced by 2 new manoeuvres. For many people, the removal of the left reverse was a welcome change. Many find this manoeuvre difficult and unnecessary.

Some tips for completing the new manoeuvres:

Pulling up on the right and reversing

There has been some controversy and debate surrounding this manoeuvre. Some instructors and examiners believe that this should be removed from the new test as the think it is dangerous and goes against the Highway Code. Some examiners even as far as taking strike action on the day it was introduced. As it stands right now, this manoeuvre is being used in the new test and many of our learners have done it on their tests.

In terms of control, this manoeuvre is a lot easier than most. You simply have to pull over on the right side of the road, reverse back about 2 car lengths in a straight line and then drive on again. What you want to avoid when doing this exercise is cutting up oncoming vehicles when trying to go to the right hand side of the road. The examiner will say something like “ When it is safe to do so I would like you to pull over on the right.” So it is your responsibility to choose a safe time. If there ae cars coming towards you, it may be best to wait before going over to the right.

When reversing back, it is important to look around as it is often quite tempting to keep staring at the right mirror.

When you are driving off, be sure to start your observations from over your right shoulder and finishing over your left shoulder just before moving off if it is safe to do so.

Driving forward into a bay and reversing back out

With a little bit practice this, manoeuvre is quite easy. It’s just a matter of picking a bay and driving forwards into it. You then have to reverse back out of the bay to complete the manoeuvre. When you drive in, all four wheels must be inside one bay. If they are not, you can reverse back and correct it. Some test routes will now go into a local supermarket car park to complete this exercise.

Here are some tips for this manoeuvre:

  • Start wide

  • Drive very slowly

  • Look around a lot

  • Turn later rather than too soon as it will be easier to correct

Using Sat Nav

There was a big rush of people trying to do the old test before the new one was introduced because they didn’t want to deal with a Sat Nav. Many saw this as an extra chore. Something else to deal with. In reality, using Sat Nav for most people is very easy and intuitive.

The Sat Nav will be used in about 4 out of every 5 tests. The other tests will be done without Sat Nav and do the traditional independent driving by following signs and/or directions.

Here are some tips for using Sat Nav during the test:

  • Listen to the instructions

  • Take glances at the Sat Nav every now and again

  • Ask the examiner if you are not sure about where you are going

  • Don’t make last minute turns

  • If you miss your turn, keep going you will be redirected

The Sat Nav is nothing to be worried about, in a lot of ways it is a lot easier than the traditional independent driving as you get early instructions that are repeated and you can see where you should be going in advance.

Show Me Tell Me Questions

In the old test, you would have been asked two questions about the car before you started driving. Now you may be asked a Show me question whilst you are driving. ( E.g when it is safe to do so, show me how you would turn your headlights on ) For this reason it is important to familiarise yourself with the car that you will be taking on the test. If you are unsure where the button that you need to press is, you can ask to pull over so you can have a good look and try again on the move.

Here are some tips for the Show me section:

  • Don’t take your attention away from the road whilst looking for buttons

  • If you can’t find the button you are looking for, pull over in a safe place and have a look

  • You won’t fail if you get it wrong so focus on the driving if you really can’t figure it out

Take a look at the new questions that you might get