Learners allowed on motorway from June 2018

Can learners drive on the motorway?

As it stands, learners are not allowed to drive on the motorway until they have passed their driving test. This is a problem as it leaves a lot of new drivers without the experience of driving on the motorway.

The result is that a lot of new drivers will venture out on their own for the very first time and can find it a frightening experience. Some just avoid it for so long that they never become comfortable with the idea of driving on the motorway and miss out on the full driving experience.

When will learners be allowed to drive on the motorway?

From June 4th 2018, the law will change to allow learners to practice on the motorway.

Who can take learners on to the motorway?

  • The learner must be accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor

  • The practice vehicle must be fitted with dual controls

Are motorway lessons compulsory?

The motorway lessons will be optional and it will be up to the instructor and the learner concerned to decide if they are ready to go on the motorway.

Will I go on the motorway on my test?

It will not be part of the driving test. This is because in some areas of the country some driving test centres do not have access to a motorway.

What are the benefits of learners being allowed on the motorway?

  • Get experience before passing your test

  • Prepare learners for life after their test

  • Safer learning experience with instructor

We are pleased that this decision has been made and we will be offering motorway lessons to our learners to equip them with the skills they need for safer driving.

If you already have a licence but are not that confident on the motorway, we offer a motorway lesson to help you deal with:

  • Joining the motorway

  • Lane discipline

  • Driving at high speed

  • Overtaking

  • Correct use of the hard shoulder

  • Break Down Procedure

  • Motorway signs

  • Following Sat Nav

  • Leaving the motorway

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