"Driving examiners are only allowed to pass a few people a day."

As a driving instructor I think I hear this statement nearly every day. I often hear something along the lines of: “My cousin told me that he failed his driving test because the test examiner is only allowed to pass a certain amount of people then fail the rest. Is that true?”

My answer would usually be to give an example.

Me - “Let’s say that was true and the examiner had reached their daily limit of how many people they can pass, if you drove perfectly without making any faults, would the examiner make one up that is serious enough for you to fail?”

Learner – “ No I guess not.”

There seems to be a suspicion that examiners are out to fail people. In my lessons this is one of the myths that I try to dispel. If learners go into a test thinking that the examiner is already trying to fail them before they have even had a chance to drive then they are already off to a bad start. To be successful on your test, it is important that your mind is in the right place. Trusting that the examiner is a good place to start.

I cannot speak for every examiner in the land but the vast majority of the ones I have come across are fair. Most actually want you to pass and are a little bit disappointed when a learner who is doing really well makes a serious mistake near the end of the test.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the driving test and we will explore some of them in upcoming articles.

To conclude, there are no set limits on how pupils a driving examiner is allowed to pass per day. If you drive well on your test you will pass.

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