Supervising a learner

You have decided you are going to supervise someone whilst they practice their driving skills. Here are some things you will need to do before getting in a car and on the road supervising a learner:


  • Insurance for both you and the learner

  • Ensure that the learner has a provisional licence and is not banned from driving

  • That you are at least 21 years old

  • Have held a full licence for at least 3 years

  • The learner must be at least 17 years old

  • Display an L plate on the car


The points above are legal requirements. We have some other advice that should make supervising a learner a bit easier.


It is important to remember that everyone learns at different paces and in different ways. For this reason, do not get frustrated if you are trying to explain something but the learner is not understanding. Try different techniques such as pictures, videos or even a demonstration.

Learning to drive requires repetitive practice of the same skill. Even after explaining and demonstrating how to do a certain manoeuvre, the learner may not always do it right each time. Be patient and don’t be frustrated if they are making mistakes.


It is easier said than done but try not to be too personal when correcting a mistake that a learner has made. Remember that learning can be terrifying for some people so a relaxed, calm environment in the car is very important. Being angry or shouting at the learner will not do anything positive for the learner or you. If you feel like you are getting frustrated or you have just been through a stressful situation, it might be a good idea to pull over in a safe and convenient place to calm your nerves and gather your thoughts.


Here are pointers for you to consider:


  • Stay calm and remain positive

  • Don’t shout at the learner ( or other drivers)

  • Do give positive feedback

  • Do encourage the learner

  • Don’t take them on roads that they are not yet ready for


It can be difficult and often scary to be sitting next to a learner when you do not have dual controls at your feet. You need to be alert in case you have to take control of the steering wheel to avoid an accident. For this reason it makes sense not to be on your phone whilst supervising. Not only is it illegal, it is extremely dangerous as often learners do unpredictable things which may need to be rectified by you.


On a last note, if you are supervising a learner who is also taking driving lessons from an instructor, it will make their learning smoother if they are given consistent information and advice. If for some reason the learner says “ That’s not what my instructor told me”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are teaching them the wrong way or the wrong things, there are several correct ways of doing the same thing and different people have their own way of teaching. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to talk to the instructor so that you are on the same page. We always welcome queries and discussions from parents and are always happy to listen.

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