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Mark is an amazing instructor . I was referred to him by a family member who passed with him. He was great . I felt completely relaxed and enjoyed learning to drive with him. Usually on your first lesson they say you drive for only 10 mins. With Mark he knows straight away if your confident enough and I was driving for about an hour on my first lesson. I would completely recommend him . You will love learning to drive with him.

Emily M

An Amazing Instrucor

My daughter passed her driving test on first attempt.
Mark was absolutely fantastic. He made my daughter feel calm and really boosted her confidence. He is professional, patient very knowledgeable and courteous and I have no hesitation at all in recommending him.


Parent of a learner driver

Great experience with a top driving instructor. Great with learners of all ages having taught myself as a learner of 28 and my brother who was 22. Lessons were comfortable, learning was quick as lessons were suited to our strengths and weaknesses and each lesson was done in such a way that it felt like a road trip more then a lesson.


Top driving instructor

Excellent Instructor friendly and patient. Makes u feel relaxed and confident While driving. Would definitely recommend excellent driving experience

Kelley - Anne

Outstanding Instructor

Really good lessons. I had a great instructor who filled me with confidence through being both a friendly and informative teacher. He picked up on every small subconscious mistake I made and overall I became a much more well rounded driver in a short amount of time. And a really smooth car to drive

James D

James D

I just want to thank Mark for helping me pass my test FIRST TIME!! He is a very calm, motivational and extremely patient driving instructor. He helped me become a confident driver in a short period of time. He would always come up with brilliant tips and advice which made it easier for me to do certain manoeuvres. Whenever I doubted myself he would give me a motivational push which helped me overcome my nervousness. I seriously recommend this instructor. If you you really want to go and learn, GO Zondo!


Passed First Time Bruv

Passing was a breeze as the instructor was highly experienced, giving me the right information on how to be a safe driver, helping to build my confidence.


Passed first time

I passed my test first time with Mark last year. Firstly, he is extremely proficient and knowledgable, and really has a knack for explaining things. Combine this with patience and cool-headedness, and you have the recipe for the perfect teacher.

Mark instantly made me feel at home in the car, and made sure we repeated things I hadn't quite grasped, even when I didn't yet know I hadn't got them (he's very observant and good at spotting where one needs to make an extra effort). Under his expert tuition I passed my test with ease after only twenty-odd lessons, which I understand is very quick indeed.

I could not recommend Mark highly enough, particularly for anyone who's a little nervous about driving and wants an instructor who'll help them be efficient with their time in the car. Mark is also a really cool guy, with a cracking sense of humour, so his lessons were above all fun, and I always found myself looking forward to them!

Dominic L

Simply the best instructor you could imagine

I couldn't ask for a better instructor. For someone who had never sat in a drivers seat before, he made me feel very comfortable and was extremely patient with me. I learnt how to drive confidently in 11months and very happy I had a great instructor


Happy Customer

Mark is a brilliant driving instructor who has given me so much confidence in my driving ability, he is patient and easy to get on with he would always tell me how I'm doing at the end of every lesson which I found really helpful I would highly recommend Mark as he helped me gain confidence with driving on the road and also helped me pass first time, Thank you so much for being a great driving instructor.

Yasmin K


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