Theory Test

The theory test is essential if you want to get a full driving licence. The practical test cannot be taken until you have passed the theory. Often this test is underestimated as there are some questions in there that are really easy and are general knowledge. However, there are a lot of questions that you would only know the answer to from reading.


Our advice is that before attempting this test you do a lot of revision and practice. We will help you with theory test preparation. There are fewer theory test centres than practical test centre but it is easier to get a theory test booking however.


In the north and northwest area of London there are these test centres that are close by:


Southgate Theory Test Centre

2nd Floor, Crown House,

47 Chase Side,

N14 5BP


Watford Theory Test Centre

1st Floor, Cassiobury House,

11-19 Station Road,
WD17 1AP


Southwark Theory Test Centre

Ground Floor,

22 Shand Street,



Uxbridge Theory Test Centre

Wellington House,

4-10 Cowley Road,


The test is split into two parts:


  • The multiple choice questions

  • Hazard Perception


You must get at least 43 out of 50 of the questions correct to pass the multiple choice section of the test and get at least 44 out of 75 to pass the Hazard Perception. You must pass both parts to pass the theory test.


A question that is asked often is:


Should I do my theory test before or after I start my driving lessons?


Our advice is, if you are serious about getting your licence within a reasonable time then do your theory test as soon as possible. Learning to drive while studying for the theory test will boost your understanding of the theory as you will be experiencing first hand what is in the books.


To get you on your way, have a look at our offers and get on the road sooner than you think.